Episode 53: Streetisms

April 17, 2017

Hayden Barnes is drunk. She is trying to keep herself from running to the aid of (and enabling) Doctor Hamilton Finn, who has just detoxed from a many years long addiction to opiates. Hayden drunkenly tries to make out with her good friend Curtis Ashford, just as Finn walks by and witnesses it. He goes straight to the docks, looking to score some dope. The next morning, Finn is found beaten and bloody by Doctor Griffin Munro, who brings him to the hospital for treatment. Deciding to come clean about his addiction, he heads to the office of Chief of Staff, Monica Quartermaine. Lab tech Brad Cooper has gotten there just before him, ratting out his addiction to Monica out of petty anger that he wasn’t getting a raise. Monica speaks to Finn alone, and does so with understanding and compassion, revealing that she’s had her own struggles with addiction. Finn leaves the hospital feeling hopeful, and Brad is annoyed.

Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber continue to try and expose the psychological trauma endured by their son Jake when he was kidnapped for years by the villainous Helena Cassadine. Jake, not enjoying his new psychologist Dr. Andre Maddox, prefers the art therapy approach of his mom’s boyfriend Franco. Jake sneaks out of the house and walks to Franco’s art studio, hoping that they can continue their revealing timeline art project. Franco immediately calls Jason, and Jason and Elizabeth arrive soon after to retrieve Jake. Jason has some private words with Franco, whom he does not trust, and assumes is manipulating the situation to his advantage somehow. Once alone, Franco discovers that Jake has secretly added a drawing to their timeline project, revealing another clue to his years on Cassadine Island.

Valentin Cassadine, the bastard son of Helena Cassadine’s husband Mikkos, is sent a present from his old flame Secret Agent Anna Devane. Along with a note expressing Anna’s hope that “time heals all wounds” she has sent the metaphorical gift of a fancy watch. Valentin reluctantly shows the note to his wife, Nina, who catches him by surprise. He does not, however, mention the gifted watch, even after she comments on it. Valentin has the watch inspected for any kind of tracking or listening device, but nothing nefarious is found. Unknown to Valentin, Anna has placed a device inside the leather watch band, and sewn it shut, and can now listen to his conversations.

Nina storms over to Anna’s house to confront her about sending a note to Valentin, and fails spectacularly to kick Anna’s ass. She returns home to Valentin, where the two of them try to keep their minds from fretting about Valentine’s young daughter Charlotte, who is on her first court appointed visit with the mother she never knew, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri.

Lulu has decided to keep Charlotte’s first visit to her house one without her husband and son around, to avoid overwhelming the little girl. The visit goes quite well, with Charlotte smiling and laughing and looking forward to her next visit.

Lulu’s husband, Detective Dante Falconeri, continues to be suspicious of Ava Jerome with regards to a bottle of Morgan Corinthos’s bipolar medication found at the local bar. Being that he died partly due to his being in a manic episode, Morgan’s pill bottle is of some importance to his half-brother Dante. Dante runs into Lucy Coe and Ava at the MetroCourt Hotel, but both conceal the fact that Lucy had seen Ava try to throw away the incriminating bottle months ago, retrieved it, and had been blackmailing Ava to keep it secret ever since. Lucy had assumed that Ava had the bottle because she was once again having an illicit affair with the young man, but starts to think that Ava might have something bigger to hide. Afraid that her swapping Morgan’s pills with placebos will be discovered, Ava threatens Lucy’s life, which only further’s Lucy’s intrigue.

Nelle, who had purposefully sought to destroy the marriage between Carly and Sonny Corinthos out of vengeance against Carly, decides to come clean. She visits Sonny to tell him that they hadn’t slept together afterall, rather, Nelle had drugged him and staged the scene to lead him to think they had. Sonny is beside himself with fury, but immediately goes to visit his estranged wife to beg her to come back to him, because he hadn’t actually cheated on her. Carly, however, had already moved on, having a steamy sexy time with her ex-husband Jax. When Sonny sees Jax, he looses his pleading demeanor, yells at everyone, and storms off.

The next day, Sonny is told that Jax was the person who asked Carly’s shady adopted father Frank for a blackmarket kidney to save the life of his daghter Jocelyn, an act which inspired Frank to remove the kidney from his own child, Nelle, and then blow the money on gambling and lie about it to Nelle all her life, leading her to seek her Carly-destroying revenge. Sonny is furious at this, and storms right back to Carly’s house to confront Jax.

Alexis Davis has been haunted by the feeling that her ex-husband, Julian Jerome, is alive and watching. At a park picnic, she expresses this to her eldest daughter Samantha and husband Jason Morgan, and tells them about mysterious phone calls, and strange happenings at her home. Jason vows to investigate it for her. A short while later, looking through some candid photographs taken in the park by Dillon Quartermaine, they discover an image with the face of the presumed dead Julian Jerome sticking out of some bushes in the background!

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