Episode 54: My Father, My Scarecrow

April 24, 2017

Ned Ashton and Olivia Falconeri are celebrating their engagement at the Quartemaine mansion with family. Ned’s mother Tracy had recently returned from a trip to Turkey, where she’d disovered a renaissance painting that had been stashed by her father in a monastery, where he’d hid out for a few years while faking his own death. Tracy unveils the painting, only to find it had been swapped with a fake by her slimy exhusband Larry Ashton. Larry is apprehended, but the Quartermaines find a young woman named Samira Adin. Samira has been searching for the Quartermaines, and has come from Turkey to retrieve the painting. She claims that the monks at the monestary had planned to sell the painting to a buyer for twenty million dollars, to help Samira pay human traffickers for the return of her kidnapped daughter. Tracy is skeptical, and does not want to give up her painting. Samira shows Tracy a ring and a journal that had belonged to her father, Edward Quartermaine. This leads Tracy to believe that Samira might be yet another illegitimate daughter of Edward. Tracy grabs a DNA sample of them both, and heads to General Hospital to ask her friend Doctor Hamilton Finn to run the test for her.

Unbeknownst to Tracy, Finn had just gone through opiate detox, and nearly lost his job. He is reluctant to bend the rules given his precarious work situation, but he eventually agrees to run the test for Tracy. Finn has been dogged by lab tech Brad Cooper, who is bitter that Finn wasn’t fired for his drug use. He then suspiciously offers to take Finn’s urine sample to the lab for Doctor Griffin Munro.

Nurse Elizabeth Webber continues to be concerned about her son Jake. Her boyfriend Franco shows Elizabeth an addition to a revealing drawing that Jake had made, and tried, unconvincingly, to blame on one of his brothers. Franco thinks Jake is afraid of his father, Jason. Elizabeth speaks to Jason about the incidents, and about Jake’s apparent fear of him finding out about the scarecrow drawing. When asked by Jason, Jake claims that Jason isn’t the person he’s afraid of. Jason thinks he knows that the issue is, and so he, Jake, and Elizabeth sit and look through a photo album together.

Jason’s wife Samantha is concerned for the safety of her mother, Alexis, after the revelation that her father, Julian Jerome, is still alive. Alexis refuses protection or company, and then runs into Julian at the very spot where he tried to kill her. Overcome with emotion for her not dead ex-husband, Alexis willingly goes with Julian to a motel room and have a passionate encounter. Their emotional encounter is cut short by the police, who take Julian into custody. Julian immediately tells them that Alexis was his hostage.

Later, the PCPD, Julian’s sister Ava arrives to visit her not-dead brother, and hires lawyer Scottie Baldwin to defend him in court. While there, Ava is confronted by Detective Dante Falconeri, who is suspicious of her possible involvement with a bottle of lithium belonging to his now dead half brother Morgan. Ava is spooked, but Scottie calms her by telling her that he’d removed the placebos that Ava had swapped out, and replaced it with Lithium.

Dante brings the bottle of pills to his father, mobster Sonny Corinthos. Sonny is also suspicious of Ava, and intends to find out what her involvement was leading up to his dead son’s final manic episode.

Sonny is also dealing with stress in his marital life. His estranged wife Carly had slept with her ex-husband Jax, which led Sonny to have Jax arrested for illegal organ trade. When Jax is freed by the statement of Nelle, from whom the illegal kidney was harvested, Sonny goes one step further and calls on ICE. Jax has to leave the US and wont be able to return indefinitely. Carly is livid.

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