Episode 55: Tracy Quartermaine, This Is Your Life!

May 01, 2017

Mobster Sonny Corinthos and his wife Carly are still estranged and at each other’s throats. Sonny has been intent on getting rid of Jax, Carly’s ex, and initially did so by ratting him out to the police for having bought a black market kidney for his daughter Jocelyn, but the charges were dropped. Sonny then reported the allegations to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), who sent an officer after Jax. Jax is made to leave the country and is not permitted to return, indefinitely. Carly is livid, and is bent on revenge. Jax tries to lure her and and Jocelyn to join him in Australia and be a family again, but Carly refuses, her reasons being tangled between Sonny, and their dead son Morgan.

A bottle of Morgan’s bipolar medication was found at the Floating Rib by the police, and no answers have been uncovered. Detective Dante Falconeri, Sonny’s eldest son, returns the bottle to Sonny, who in turn takes it to Dr. Andre Maddox. Sonny thinks the lithium might have been a bad batch, and wants the pills tested. He is unaware that Ava Jerome had switched the Lithium with placebos to make Morgan more erratic and drive him away from Ava’s daughter Kiki. His erratic behavior ended up leading to Morgan’s untimely end, and Ava had tried to dispose of the incriminating evidence, but the bottle was snatched up by Lucy Coe, who used it as leverage to get a bigger donation out of Ava for the upcoming AIDS benefit. Ava had begged Scotty Baldwin to use his influence to get the bottle back for her, but the best he could do was replace the placebos with real Lithium, or at least, that’s what he told Ava. Lucy is wracked with guilt, and nearly confesses what she knows to Sonny.

Julian Jerome, in jail for the multiple crimes he committed while being controlled by his sister Olivia StJohn, is visited by a different Olivia – Olivia Falconeri, the mother of his infant son, Leo. When Julian had been presumed dead, she had intended her fiance Ned Quartermaine to adopt Leo, and she now begs Julian to allow the adoption to take place.

While being questioned by police commissioner Jordan Ashford, Alexis admits that she was not, in fact, Julian Jerome’s kidnap victim, but that she went with him to the motel room voluntarily. She leaves out the part about the sex, but her lawyer and best friend Diane Miller is still in disbelief. Diane reminds Alexis that her hearing to possibly reinstate her legal license is soon, and this kind of behavior puts her career at risk.

Jason Morgan and his ex-wife nurse Elizabeth Webber are still trying to work with their son Jake to figure out what trauma he experienced during his years being kidnapped by Helena Cassadine. They determine that Jake is fearful of Jason’s old face, from before his car accident. Jason suspects that he may have been on Cassadine Island as Helena’s mind-controlled slave at the same time as Jake, and that his son may have witnessed him committing horrible acts. Jake once again adds to his drawing, leaving another clue.

Tracy Quartermaine suspects that the exotic young woman, Samira Adin, who arrived on their doorstep is ACTUALLY an illegitimate child of her father Edward Quartermaine, sired when he was in hiding in Turkey for a few years. Tracy had taken some DNA from Samira and some hair from her father’s grooming kit and brought them to the hospital for her friend Doctor Hamilton Finn to test. She is impatient for the results, and dismissive of Samira’s desperate pleas. Tracy has a painting that was left for her in a Turkish monastery by her father – a painting that the monks were going to sell and use the proceeds to pay human traffickers for the life of Samira’s child. Tracy attempted to sneak off with the painting, but has a change of heart, and agrees to give it to Samira.

The ICE agent had already visited the Quartermaine mansion looking for Samira, and then shows up in General Hospital, threatening Dr. Monica Quartermaine. Samira was at the hospital being treated for a brief collapse, and was trying to escape with the helt of Dillon Quartermaine and Kiki Jerome, but was stopped by Ned, who got Samira’s Visa extended for an additional 6 months.

Nina Reeves caught her husband, Valentin Cassadine, in a lie. He’s concealed the fact that the watch he’s wearing is a gift from Ana Devane, a woman with whom Valentin shares a painful emotional past. She asks her new nanny, Nelle, to spy on her husband for her. Initially Nelle refuses, and Nina recants, but later, when she hears that Nelle drugged Sonny, she uses this information to blackmail Nelle into spying on Valentin.

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