Episode 6

May 23, 2016

This week, Alexis Davis and her new husband, Julian Jerome have quite a rocky time. Julian finally comes clean when confronted with Alexis’ accusations. Alexis already knew long before that Julian ordered that Carlos Rivera kill rival Duke Lavery, but Alexis thought he’d given all that up when they’d married. Alexis confronts Julian and he finally admits that he did indeed order a hit on the witness who recently came forward who saw Duke’s murder take place, AND admitted to having killed Carlos himself with the cursed dagger that Helena Cassadine left to Alexis in her will; the weapon Helena used to slit the throat of Alexis’ mother decades ago.

Rival mob-boss Sonny Corinthos arrives in the middle of this emotional wreckage, and Alexis defends Julian. Sonny tries to cajole Alexis into leaving with him and going to the police, disowns Alexis when she refuses, and also beats Julian against the backs of the knees with a fireplace poker.

After Sonny leaves, Alexis helps Julian up the stairs, assures him she’ll burn the blood spattered shirt; the one piece of evidence linking Julian to the crime, but at the last minute, stuffs it away, hidden.

Dr. Kevin Collins and Laura Spencer continue their hunt for the meaning behind the cryptic message left in what Helena Cassadine bequeathed to Laura. The old book Helena left for Laura had been deciphered by hobbyist cryptographer Collins to read “Heartbreak Hotel”, which Laura deduces was about Luke. Kevin and Laura visit the disco club where she was raped as a very young woman by Luke, while she was married to Scotty. Kevin and Laura search for clues, but find only a blank sheet of paper. The realtor tells them that the owners of the property are Lloyd and Lucy Johnson, old aliases used by Luke and Laura. What does it mean?

Jason tells those who were close to him, one by one, that the memories of his life as Jason Morgan have turned.

Another of new GH doctor Hamilton Finn’s patients dies, again, discovered by once criminally mad scientist, now demoted doctor with a penchant for revenge, Liesl Olbrecht. Olbrecht pushes for a board review of Finn’s actions, and he passes with flying colors.

The son of Nurse Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan, little Jake, runs away when he discovers he isn’t permitted to have once-demented-serial-killer-artist Franco as his art therapist anymore. He is found at Franco’s apartment.

Nicholas Cassadine is seemingly broke, but has at least successfully stopped his blackmail stalemate wife Hayden Barnes to stop selling off his family heirlooms on eBay. Hayden asks Tracy Quartermaine for a job, but is refused.┬áThe wedding between lab tech Brad Cooper and Dr. Lucas Jones (the biologial son of Julian Jerome, by the way) has been secretly decided to be held in the midst of the annual Nurses Ball, an event created as an AIDS benefit in the 90’s.

Ava Jerome visits Morgan Corinthos at the mental hospital where he’s getting a handle on his Manic Depression. She talks him into breaking things off with her daughter, Kiki. Though he fights Ava on the issue, when Kiki arrives later that day, he complies and tells her he can’t see her anymore. Ava meanwhile, attempts to retrieve her baby from father Sonny Corinthos’s house, only to be delayed by Carly’s machinations.

The infant son of Sabrina Santiago and the murdered Carlos Rivera was left on the doorstep of the Quartermaine mansion without explanation. Michael Corinthos-Quartermaine, more worried about Sabrina’s safety than ever, gets Sonny to help him trek back to Puerto Rico to find her. Sabrina, we find out, has been holed up with a criminal cousin of hers, a cousin that is willing to kill Sabrina rather than have the death of Carlos and Sabrina’s existence lead the authorities to him. He pulls a gun on her as Friday’s episode ends. What will happen?!

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