Episode 60: Ava Got Her Gun

June 05, 2017

The weeks starts with us watching the tail end of the Nurses Ball, where young Jake is performing his magic show for a small group of adults who’ve remained after the ball ended. Jake reveals the cannister containing the Chimera Bioweapon, while having visions of the long dead Helena Cassadine urging him to release the virus. Jake’s father, Jason Morgan, and mother Nurse Elizabeth Webber, talk Jake down and convince him that he needn’t obey Helena’s orders. Once the situation is resolved, special Agent Anna Devane takes the cannister in it’s case to deliver it to the World Security Bureau. Valentin Cassadine demands that it be destroyed. Meanwhile, rival villains from the DVX have arrived in the mostly empty ballroom, and hold Valentine’s wife, Nina Reeves, and Jason Morgan hostage, demanding Nina call Valentin to demand the Chimera. Valentin trusts Anna to destroy the Chimera, and takes the empty case to give the villains. He saves Nina, and vanquishes the villains, but is shot in the process.

Valentin’s daughter Charlotte and Anna’s graddaughter Emma were whisked away by Lulu and Laura Spencer. Lulu is happy to take care of her daughter Charlotte, but is concerned about what is happening to Valentin. Anna Devane visits and explains to Lulu and Laura that Valentin had been tricked into stealing the weapon, and had sold it to Helena Cassadine out of desperate need, on the run for his life. Later, Nina shows up, explains that Valentin had been shot, and is in turn told about Valentin’s role in the Chimera drama. Nina leaves horrified.

Valentin, wanting to avoid being arrested and jailed for life, checks himself out of the hospital, picks up Charlotte from Lulu’s home, and takes her on the run.

Lulu’s husband, Detective Dante Falconeri, is in the difficult position of once again questioning his father about a crime. This time, Sonny Corinthos is innocent. Sonny and his wife Carly had followed Ava Jerome to her warehouse, to confront her about tampering with the bipolar medication of their son Morgan, which led to his death. Ava finally confessed, and angrily threw a lantern at Carly, which started a fire. Carly and Sonny escaped, but Ava was trapped inside, and is now in critical condition, with massive burns all over her body. Ava’s daughter Kiki is in an awkward emotional position, now knowing that her mother drove Morgan mad to drive Kiki and Morgan’s relationship apart, and is fighting for her life. Later, Sonny visits Ava at the hospital, disconnects her pain killers, to which Ava asks him to kill her.

Ava’s half brother, Julian Jerome, has made bail. He immediately goes to the hospital to visit Ava. Julian’s ex-wife, lawyer Alexis Davis, came to the hospital to find him, and embraces him in support. Laster, she catches Julian leaving flowers at her front door. He asks her if they could ever find their way to one another, and Alexis replies “not yet”

Sparked by her pregnancy, Hayden Barnes and Doctor Hamilton Finn debate the future of their relationship, cohabitation, and co-parenting.

Sonny and Carly’s son Michael Corinthos admits to caring about Nelle Hayes, who is still hospitalized after being mugged. Michael sleeps at her bedside all night to keep her company. Michael’s grandmother, Bobbie Spencer, tells Nelle that she should leave town.

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