Episode 7

May 30, 2016

The weeks starts off with Sabrina’s captor having her at gunpoint, about to shoot her, when Michael Corinthos Quartermaine leaps in to save her at the last minute, his father Sonny Corinthos right behind, who uncharacteristically calls the police to have Sabrina’s almost-murderer brought to jail. Sabrina joins Sonny and Michael in the Corinthos private jet home to Port Charles.

Meanwhile, Alexis Davis esq is still visibly shaken by the revelation that her new husband Julian Jerome has had two men killed to protect him from criminal charges. While Julian is out, Alexis summons her legal partner Diane Miller and secretly employs Diane to defend her legally. However, she wants to wait until after the marriage of Julian Jerome’s son, Doctor Lucas Jones, before formally involving the police.

Lucas asks Julian to be his best man, but Julian refuses, telling his son he’s got too much negative legal and media attention at the moment and doesn’t want to taint the ceremony. Lucas then asks his half sister Samantha Morgan to be his best-person, and she gleefully accepts. Brad Cooper, Lucas’ fiance, asks coworker nurse Felix Dubois to be his best man, and Felix also accepts.

Nicholas Cassidine and Hayden Barnes, meanwhile, are still at each other’s throats, stuck in a marriage of stalemate blackmail. Nicholas found Hayden’s secret stash of illegal diamonds and has been threatening to turn her in to the Feds, while Hayden has physical proof that Nicholas tried to have her killed, which she’s been holding over Nicholas’ head. Being too broke to give his regular donation to the Nurses Ball, Nicholas sells one of Hayden’s illegal diamonds. As they attend the Nurses’ Ball together in a power struggle of shared love-hate, Hayden realizes how Nicholas got the funds for his donation, and promptly tries to speak to Police Commisioner Jordan Ashford about her shooting, only to be caught and stopped repeatedly by Nicholas. They fight, she threatens, he backs off, and tells her that if she were to come home to the castle Wyndemere on Spoon Island, he’d give her back her diamonds. Hayden’s only friend Travis comes to her defence, and talks Hayden out of going home to Nicholas by herself.

Mad Scientist turned hated GH Doctor Liesl Olbrecht is preparing for her act backstage, when she is kidnapped and dragged away. Later, in the ladies room, Nurse Epiphany discovers Olbrecht tied and gagged in a bathroom stall and reluctantly frees her. A rejected Olbrecht leaves the Nurses Ball and goes back to General Hospital to get some work done, where Doctor Hamilton Finn is also at work.

While the Nurses Ball is in full swing, Carly Corinthos slips out. Using her son Morgan’s keys from when he was dating Ava Jerome, Carly breaks into Ava’s empty penthouse and looks for the missing evidence of an audio recording of her admission to killing Connie Falconeri. Carly finds a flash drive hidden in a decorative vase, and when she takes it back to the Nurses Ball and plays it on a computer backstage, she finds it is not the evidence she was looking for, but is instead a recording of a kinky sexual encounter between Ava and District Attorney Paul Hornsby. Carly first confronts Ava about this in the ladies room, trying to use this evidence as leverage to keep Ava from taking the daughter she shares with Sonny back into her sole custody. Initially, Ava laughs this threat off, saying that it’s “just sex” and would have no detrimental effect on her. Carly then texts the video to Paul Hornsby’s phone, telling him to get Ava in line, or the tape goes public. Paul knows the sex tape would end his career and possibly result in charges against him for corruption, so, he uses Ava’s missing murder confession, which he is in possession of, to threaten Ava with a life of prison if she does not do whatever Carly wants.

A livid Ava returns to the ladies room to find Carly still there. A catfight ensues between them, with Ava finally wrestling the flash drive from Carly and triumphantly flushing it down the toilet. Carly then explains to Ava that she’d already uploaded the sex tape to “the cloud”, so Ava is forced to do as Carly demands.

Sonny and Michael, returned from their trip to Puerto Rico, arrive halfway through the Nurses Ball with Morgan in tow, who was allowed a night out from the psych hospital for the event. Morgan sees the performance by and chemistry between Kiki Jerome and Dillon Quartermaine, and regrets having told Kiki he never wanted to see her again; a decision he was pressured into by Ava for Kiki’s own good. Morgan decides to go backstage to speak with Kiki to fix things between them. Kiki and Dillon, meanwhile, in their post-performance glow, have a touching moment and end up in a passionate first kiss, to which Morgan is a witness. He sullenly goes back to his seat and tells his family he’d like to leave.

The wedding between Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper, planned to take place as a surprise event in the middle of the Nurses’ Ball, hits a snag. Lucas’ mother Nurse Bobbi Spencer collapses backstage after her stage number. Lucas finds her on the floor and immediately brings her to the hospital, without telling his fiance Brad. Bobbi talks Lucas into going back to the Nurses Ball so he can get married, and Lucas eventually agrees. On his way out, Lucas stops back in Bobbi’s room to check on her, only to see a figure, unseen by the audience, about to inject sleeping Bobbi with a syringe of unidentified liquid. Lucas confronts the assailant, and next we see, Lucas is collapsed on the ground next to Bobbie’s bed. Bobbie wakes, calls for help, and when Brad calls looking for Lucas, she tells him to come to the hospital right away. Lucas is on death’s door, and has a suspicious injection mark on his neck.

Jake, the son of Jason Morgan and Elisabeth Webber, goes on stage for his performance, only to freeze in utter stage fright. Franco appears on stage for moral support, which Jake is thankful for, while Jason fumes.

In the midst of the Nurses Ball, Diane approaches Jason Morgan, and informs him that due to a lawsuit by Nicholas Cassidine, the assets of the Quartermaine family business are frozen. The suit alleges (quite accurately) that the funds used to purchase ELQ from Nicholas (under duress) were made using mob-related money. Jason is livid, and storms over to Wyndemere to confront Nicholas about it. Jason lets himself in, after a crash is heard, we see Jason standing in front of a broken window, with Nicholas dashed on the rocks below, unconscious and bloody on the water’s edge. Jason and Sam rush to help Nicholas, but by the time Jason wades out to where his body had been, the tide swept him away. Travis and Hayden arrive at Wyndemere in the midst of this, and Hayden accuses Jason of causing Nicholas’ death.

The Nurses Ball comes to a close, with Sabrina appearing onstage for the final number. Jodan Ashford attempts to arrest Sabrina for aiding the escape of Carlos Rivera, but Michael pleads her case to give her one last night free to see her son, currently in the care of Tracy Quartermaine, who has become the child’s legal foster parent. Jordan allows Sabrina one night, but when Sabrina arrives at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy refuses to allow Sabrina near the baby.

After the Nurses Ball, finding herself on the empty stage, Anna has a vision of her dead love Duke Lavery, and they have one last dance, as he tells her to let him go.

For the first time in history, Lucy Coe, MC of the Nurses Ball, does not end up on stage in her underwear somehow.

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