60 Mins

Episode 8

June 07, 2016

The week takes a turn for the melodramatic.

Ava Jerome, shows up at the front door of Sonny Corinthos to retrieve Avery, the infant daughter they share. Sonny initially tells Ava that she can never have any contact with Avery, based on the blackmail material that Sonny’s wife Carly dug up on Ava. However, Sonny slowly caves, and grants Ava limited joint custody of their daughter, but only so long as Ava “behaves”.

Sabrina Santiago, back from Puerto Rico, and granted one night of freedom before her unescapable arrest the following morning, tries to be with her infant son, only to be barred access by Tracy Quartermaine. Since the infant boy was left on the Quartermaine doorstep, Tracy has legally become the child’s foster parent, and uses that status to question Sabrina’s past actions and judgement. Eventually, Tracy, too, caves and grants Sabrina a night to be with her son.

Continuing with the baby theme, Lulu and Dante Falconeri plan to have another child, and keep this in mind while house hunting for a bigger place to raise their family.

The presumed death of Nicholas Cassidine effects many in Port Charles, but Nicholas’ son Spencer is strangely unemotional about it all, and Laura is worried.

Jason Morgan, accompanied by ex-wife Samantha and lawyer Diane Miller, is taken into custody for the murder of Nicholas Cassidine, and questioned at the police station by Commissioner Jordan Ashford. Jason is released, but remains the prime suspect. He and Samantha leave their kid with Grandma Monica and hightail it to a secluded cabin and try to solve the mystery themselves by brainstorming with stickynotes and sharpie.

Doctor Liesl Obrecht repeatedly accuses Doctor Finn as being the mad needle-injecting serial killer of the hospital, and she has started digging into Finn’s past. Doctor Lucas Jones, the most recent victim of the mysterious needle weilding maniac, is in a coma; at his bedside keeping vigil, his fiance Brad Cooper. Carly Corinthos, Lucas’ half sister, confronts Dr. Finn about his involvement with Lucas’ condition, and while Finn denies any wrongdoing, he maintains his secrecy without explanation. Finn visits Hayden to apologize and return the check she’s tried to give him as a means to make amends for her father’s swindling. Shortly after arriving, Finn promptly collapses, and Hayden assists him with his mysterious injection.

Elizabeth goes to the police station and spills everything she knows about Hayden and her Mother’s hidden diamonds to Commissioner Ashford. Ashford, in turn, calls the FBI, who show up and start searching Wyndemere for the diamonds that escaped the federal seizure of everything her father Raymond Berlin owned.

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