Episode 9

June 12, 2016

Lucas Jones wakes from his injection-induced coma, but cannot remember the face of his assailant, only that the attacker was wearing a doctor’s uniform. Doctor Liesl Obrecht continues to accuse Doctor Finn of the crime, and of being a drug addict.

Trusting the advice of Doctor/Priest Griffin Monroe, Detective Nathan West finally tells his fiance, Maxie Jones, the full story of his ordeal with the infamous “Claudette”; not only was Claudette a Canadian green-card wife that Nathan unexpectedly fell in love with, and not only was she secretly cheating on him with another man, but while Nathan was a New York City cop, he came home drunk to see his wife and her lover in bed, shot the other man in a drunken haze, then passed out, to wake up hours later with an angry Claudette and bloodied sheets, the other man long gone. Maxie is upset, and Nathan begins to pack up to move out. Maxie’s ex, Damian Spinelli, hacker extraordinaire, arrives unexpectedly.

Alexis Davis, planning on turning in her husband for murder, searches for the bloody shirt she’d stashed away instead of destroying, only to discover that her husband, Julian Jerome, has found the shirt in question, and he confronts her about it. An emotional conversation ensues, they fight over the shirt, until Julian eventually leaves with the evidence and burns it in a garbage can. Soon later, Lucas, released from the hospital, comes by to start preparing for his impromptu wedding being held at Alexis and Julian’s house – something Julian did not mention to Alexis.

As expected, Sabrina Santiago is arrested, and freely admits to having assisted Carlos escape. Ex- special agent (and sometime Special Investigator to the DA Anna Devane talks District Attorney Paul Hornsby into dropping all charges against her, and Sabrina is free to go. When she returns to the Quartermaine house to retrieve her son, Tracy Quartermaine invites Sabrina and her baby to stay at the Quartermaine house.

Samantha Morgan and ex?husband Jason Morgan suspect that Nikolas Cassidine faked his own death, and plan to find evidence to prove it on their own. A supportive service is held at Wyndemere by Laura Spencer, Nikolas’ mother. Hayden’s mother, a new arrival in town, shows up to the service uninvited, clearly broke and scheming, and on the look-out for the diamonds that Hayden had stolen from her. Also present is Sam Morgan, making an appearance by herself while Jason, wanted for questioning by the police, breaks into Wyndemere and looks for evidence. Dante Falconeri, Nicholas’ brother in law, finds her behavior suspicious, and puts a tail on her, assuming she’ll meet up with Jason. Nicholas’ son, Spencer, is far from distraught, and gives his crush, Emma Scorpio, a grand gift.

Mob boss Sonny Corinthos visits his bipolar son Morgan in the psychiatric hospital, and finds out that Morgan has broken things off with his on-again off-again girlfriend Kiki Jerome. Sonny investigates, and figures out that Kiki’s mother Ava Jerome visited Morgan and talked him into leaving Kiki for her own good. He confronts both Morgan and Ava, and both admit to having spoken, but both assert what they’d done was right. Kiki, meanwhile begins dating Dillon Quartermaine.

Alexis’ daughter Kristina Corinthos goes on another date with the young man Aaron, but her advances aren’t being met with the reciprocation she’d like. She decides to call Parker, the female professor she’d made advances on in the past.

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