Epsidode 47: Danger, Falling Pregnant Women!

March 06, 2017

The machinations of Nelle Hayes come tumbling down around her. Nelle had lead Sonny Corinthos to think they’d slept together, and had set up a trail of clues to lead others to think that she and Sonny were having an ongoing affair. Her goal? To make Sonny’s wife Carly suffer. However, after a weekend trapped with Michael Quartermaine-Corinthos, Nelle decided to abandon her revenge and turn her life around. While trying to track down and destroy all copies of an incriminating recording she’d made of Sonny, Bobbie Spencer confronted Nelle and told her that she’d discovered the affair between them and had told her daughter Carly. Nelle opted to leave town, but decided to let Michael go with her, hoping that a few hours of alone time in travel would give her the time to explain herself to him. Carly, meanwhile, had already arrived at Nelle’s place to confront her, let herself into the empty apartment, discovered the recording, and then answered the door to a shocked Sonny, also there to confront Nelle. Carly tells off Sonny for having kept the affair from her, only to have Nelle and Michael arrive on their way out of town. The situation fully unravels, with Sonny and Carly explaining the machinations of Nelle to their son, while Nelle glowers in the background. Demanding an explanation, Nelle finally confesses to be the daughter of Carly’s adopted father Frank Benson, a man Carly refers to as a deadbeat who left her adopted mother when she was three. Nelle insists that he loved Carly, and that she never helped him in return, but when she needed a kidney for her daughter, she reached out to Frank and asked for Nelle’s.

Doctor Hamilton Finn saves the hospital from being closed down and sold to a private developer, by accepting the offer of a drug company to license his cure for Blackwood Syndrome, and donating the money he receives to getting GH back in the red. During their victory dinner at the MetroCourt, Finn’s opiate addiction struggles are outed by his girlfriend Hayden Barnes to Tracy Quartermaine, and the two women confront Finn about his need to get in treatment.

Olivia Jerome has her brother Julian held captive as punishment for trying to poison her. She is who has been secretly engineering a purchase of General Hospital for months, and is enraged to get the news that the GH board members voted against her interests. In response, Olivia nearly kills Julian for not succeeding in his task. After a phone call from a frantic Alexis Davis, Olivia decides to spare Julian’s life, but transports him in the trunk of her car to the Hospital. Olivia is stunned to find out that her romantic obsession, Duke Lavery, has a son, Doctor Griffin Munro, with whom she has a chance meeting with in the Hospital parkinglot.

Laura Spencer had been drugged by Olivia’s henchman, her car driven all the way to JFK airport and left in a parking lot with her in the passenger’s seat. Doctor Kevin Collins comes to her aid, and suspects that she was abducted to keep her from voting on the hospital board.

Julian’s daughter, Samantha Morgan, is in the bottom of a ravine after having gotten in a fight with Olivia Jerome while on a foot bridge. Sam fell over the edge, and was left there, very pregnant and injured overnight. Her husband Jason finds her, and delivers their child in the wilderness. Jason saves the newborn’s life, and carries Sam and the baby to the arriving ambulance. At the hospital, Sam is taken into surgery due to severe internal hemorrhaging, the baby taken to an incubator. Sam slips into a coma, but when Jason puts their baby daughter on her chest, she wakes.

Anna Devane is also at General Hospital, being treated for her rare blood cancer. Her daughter, Doctor Robin Scorpio, is visiting to keep her company while she recovers. Robin speaks to Jason in the hospital hallways, shocked to find that Olivia Jerome is still alive, but keeps the information from her mother, who was married to Duke Lavery, and was once the focus of Olivia’s wrath. Leaving the hospital, Robin runs into none other than Olivia Jerome, with Julian in the trunk of his car.

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