EPISODE 18: Oh, and Speaking of Dead Things: Condoms!

August 15, 2016

It’s Bobbie Spencer’s birthday! The party is attended by Bobbie’s daughter Carly, and Bobbie’s grandchildren Michael, Morgan, and Josslyn, as well as, at Bobbie’s insistence, Jasper Jacks, the ex-husband of Carly and father of pubescent Josslyn. Carly’s current husband, Sonny Corinthos, is hosting the party, and not entirely keen on the presence of his old rival Jacks. during the festivities, a young woman appears at the door, and is mistaken for a potential nanny. While Morgan and Josslyn take Grandma Bobbie to the movies, it is discovered that this young woman Nelle Hayes, is not interviewing as a nanny, but thinks she might be Josslyn’s kidney donor.

Nelle explains that as a child her parents drove her somewhere telling her she was sick, and afterwards she had a large incision scar on her side. After that, her parents were out of debt, but Nelle’s health had been generally poor. Her parents had since died. Nelle hoped that by seeing Josslyn, seeing that some good had come out of the betrayal and abuse with which Nelle’s parents had treated her, perhaps she could let go of her anger.

Jacks wants to send her away immediately, Carly wants to leap forward, Sonny is cautious. When pressed for proof, Nelle is upset at being disbelived, and leaves to get a bus back to Atlanta. Michael catches up with her, and talks her into staying.

Doctor Hamilton Finn and Samantha Morgan finally meet! Brought to the hospital after having fainted again, it is discovered that she is pregnant. However, there is concern that the whole group of Port Charles folks who’d recently been to Greece might’ve contracted Malaria, and Sam has decided not to tell Jason about the pregnancy until she knows if she has Malaria or not.

Jason, meanwhile, is not happy to find out that his ex and baby-momma Elizabeth Webber, is seeing Franco regularly, and is most upset that his son is in regular contact with Franco, whom Jason does not trust.

Even though he was exonerated of the charges against him as being the serial killer of the hospital, Franco is still suspended from working as the art therapist at General Hospital. He tells Elizabeth she need never hear from him again, before finding out that it was her testimony that cleared Franco of suspicion.

Back from Greece, Ava Jerome visits her daughter Kiki. Kiki tells off Ava for having visited her boyfriend Morgan while he was in the psychiatric hospital and advised he break up with Kiki for her own good. Ava finds out that Kiki is taking medication for Mycoplasma Genitalium and blames Morgan for giving her an STI. Ava returns home to find that Scotty Baldwin and Lucy Coe have been having a good reminiscing fuck-tiime in her apartment. After she evacuates Lucy and Scott from her penthouse, Ava gets a visit from Morgan. Morgan has slipped out from Kiki’s post-coital bed, so that he could visit Ava in person and tell her that he is going to marry Kiki, while Kiki is blissfully unaware of any of this.

Joe Rivera, the seemingly good brother of the deceased Carlos Rivera, is now practicing medicine at General Hospital. His intentions towards Sabrina Santiago seem questionable.

Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford makes up with boyfriend Doctor Andre Maddox and presents him with a set of keys to her apartment.

Kristina tries to explain her recent sexual encounter with her female professor to her coworker and casual date guy Aaron, who is hurt by the event. Talking to her mother, Alexis Davis, Kristina realizes that Alexis talked her professor Parker into breaking things off with Kristina, and Kristina is livid.

Alexis Davis visits Julian in Prison, and tries to get him to speak to the barr association on her behalf so that her legal license isn’t revoked. He refuses. Soon after, he tries to escape, but is stopped by Nina Jerome, who gets him to sign papers to give her full control of the magazine for which she is editor in chief.

Nina then visits Valentin in his interrogation room.

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