Episode 21: Quote or Quote Not, There is No Paraphrase.

September 05, 2016

This week, Franco gets his criminally institutionalized mother Heather Webber to reveal the blackmail material she has on Naomi Dreyfus: Jeff Webber, revered doctor of General Hospital in the 70’s and Elizabeth Webber’s father, is ALSO secretly the father to Naomi’s daughter Rachel, known to Port Charles as Hayden Barnes. Heather has evidently been blackmailing Naomi for decades to keep silent about it.

Hayden is in a panic, having been warned by Ava Jerome that Elizabeth Webber had discovered Hayden’s secret stash of diamonds, the existence of which could lead to criminal charges for concealing them from the IRS when Raymond Berlin, the man Hayden believes to be her father, was convicted of fraud and his assets seized. Hayden rushes to General Hospital to find Elizabeth, where the two say nasty things to one another, before Hayden slaps Liz across the face.

Elizabeth stops in the office of Chief of Staff Monica Quartermaine’s, where she sees District Attourney Paul Hornsby, alone, standing behind Monica’s desk. After Elizabeth leaves, we see that Paul had been wearing latex gloves and carrying a hypodermic needle, upset that he’d been witnessed by Elizabeth in the office. In a hurry to get to the police station to hand in the diamonds to the police, Elizabeth opts to take the stairs. As she begins to descend, the power goes out, and latex gloved hands are seen pushing Elizabeth down the stairs.

Elizabeth is discovered first by Hayden, who freezes on the steps, and then by Franco, who finds Hayden’s presence suspicious. Elizabeth is treated by the hospital staff and kept overnight for having a concussion, severe bruising, and a damaged spleen. Franco spends the night by her side.

Doctor Hamilton Finn asks what Hayden is so vexed by, and she explains the existence of the contraband diamonds. While she defends herself to Finn, Hayden is approached by Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford about her part in Elizabeth’s fall, but Doctor Hamilton Finn steps in to assist Hayden, giving her a partial alibi. Hayden is determined to get out of town before she’s jailed for one reason or another, but Finn brings her for a last drink together at the waterfront. They kiss, just before the police arrive and take Hayden away for attempted murder of Elizabeth Webber.

At the police station, Franco tries to get access to Hayden, wanting to tell her what he knows of her parentage, but he is denied. When he sees Hayden’s mother Naomi arrive, he tells her that he knows Elizabeth and Hayden are half sisters, much to Naomi’s dismay.

Doctor Finn also arrives at the police station and is granted access to Hayden, as he’s claimed to be Hayden’s doctor, his presence necessary to administer her medication on a daily basis. Finn also seeks out the assistance of Hayden’s friend Curtis Ashford.

Curtis had been talked into helping his employer Nina Reeves find a baby. Just as Nina and a young pregnant woman are left alone to discuss things on a park bench, Ava Jerome comes upon them and drives the young woman away with tales of baby abduction and insanity. Ava and Nina start to get physical, just as Nina’s younger brother Officer Nathan West stops by to break it up. Nina is inconsolable.

The similarly baby-obsessed Lulu Spencer-Falconeri is still distraught that their last remaining embryo was found to be non-viable. Robert Scorpio happens to visit to let Lulu know that her father, Luke Spencer, is alive and well. Lulu takes this opportunity to ask Robert to find out if her experimental embryos, kept by the nefarious Cassadine-run medical research facility Creighton-Clark, had possibly survived the building exploding.

Ava Jerome had been questioned by the police about her knowledge of an antique roman coin cufflink in connection with the hospital murders. When Ava remembers her brief lover Paul Hornsby wearing such a unique item, she breaks into his hotel room to look for damning evidence. She does not find the cufflinks, but finds a case with a hypodermic needle and vials of the drug used by the hospital killer. She confronts Paul in a supposedly public place and demands he acquit her brother mob boss Julian Jerome, for all his crimes in a pending trial.

Julian’s daughter Samantha and her true love, Jason Morgan, are getting remarried. The event is held at Sonny and Carly’s place, where a whole lot of cute photographs are taken, though the ceremony itself is yet to be take place.

Michael Corinthos-Quatermaine, the adopted son of Sonny and nephew to Jason, had been told by Monica, his grandmother, to not tell Jason about Elizabeth’s condition until after he’s been married, nor tell him that Monica too busy dealing with the latest hospital killer hooplah to attend Jason’s wedding. She would rather not darken Jason’s wedding day with worry.

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